Moving up the Coast

IMG_8572 IMG_8561 IMG_8559 IMG_8538 IMG_8474 IMG_8354 IMG_8346 IMG_8260

Hey guys!!!

After going up to Northern California,  my family and I  went even more North all the way to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It is so beautiful up there! We visited so many places. I learned that “Once Upon A Time” is filmed up there as  my whole family is obsessed with the show. I think it’s a really good T.V. show for the whole family to watch so  of course  I visited the town called Storybrooke. We also visited the Capital in Victoria. It was beautifully built inside. The colors were so vivid.  There was so much to do there in so little time. I took so many pictures, I couldn’t decide which pictures to even post. I definitely hope to visit again.

“It is beautiful in Vancouver; let’s face it. I mean, you have the ocean. There’s mountains.” Eric Close

Have a great day!!!!


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