FIDM Fashion Show Debut

                 A couple weeks ago, I was able to visit Los Angeles to attend the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising’ s  (FIDM) fashion show. It was something that gave me inspiration to the dream of becoming a fashion designer. Just being able to see these new college graduates and how they have strived to make an effort really motivated me personally . It reminded me that anything is possible as long as you believe, as long as you try, as long as you make an effort to do something. Fashion to me is like a work of art. It’s like starting with a blank canvas and creating a masterpiece. Fashion shows are like your own little art gallery. It’s like putting your art on display. It’s an opportunity to show your masterpiece with the world. Your design is what makes you who you are and is a way to show the world what you can do. It’s your accomplishment and your work of art. I believe everyone has a work of art in them. For some, it may be in sports such as figure skating, or soccer or track and field. It’s doing what you love, it’s something you are good at , something you are proud of and something that is important to you.

“Let’s do what we love and do a lot of it.” Marc Jacobs

What’s your work of art ?


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