Travel Essentials


 Hey guys! As I have been getting closer and closer to leaving America,  I have been busy packing. So I thought this would be a perfect idea to do a blog on travel essentials. So here are my top five travel essentials.

1. Backpack



In love with Herschel bags


Herschel is a great brand to invest in !


A good quality bag is always an obvious must have while traveling anywhere. When it comes to traveling overseas, I like using bigger sized bags. I carry more than the usual  when traveling such as: clothes, books and electronic gadgets to keep me entertained during the long hours of the trip.


2. Makeup


Make up is an important essential when traveling. Usually,  when taking my makeup bag, I also bring a deodorant, a toothbrush, a lotion, a lip balm and a hairbrush. Bringing lotions or lip balms are good for keeping your skin moisturized as air is dry in the plane. These essentials are everything you need to keep yourself looking fresh and entertained even on a 12 hr flight.

3. Books


Books are a great thing to bring on any trip. Nothing is better than reading paper back books. No matter what, kick it old school will always be better than eReaders for me. Since I’m going to London, I found this cool guide made by 60 local creatives in London sharing the places to visit in London.

4. Watch


Watches play an important part of a wardrobe. Whether making a statement or staying punctual, they are an essential when it comes to travel especially overseas. Keeping yourself looking chic yet punctual.

5.My phone


My number one travel essential is my phone. It’s incredible how our phones these days do so many functions that we rely on them more often than usual whether it’s scrolling through Instagram, checking emails, getting travel notifications, watching movies, playing music, online shopping and many more. Phones are a big part of this generation.

“Travel, it’s the only thing you can spend money on that will make you richer.” unknown

Hope all of you are enjoying your summer vacation!



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