July Favorites 



 Hey guys! So this month I have three things to share as my favorites: pineapples, Polaroids and sunglasses. This month came to a very  quick close as I am now in London.

As I have been on my journey to Europe, I brought my top favorites of July with me. I have been wanting a Polaroid since I have been 14. It has been one of those items where I just needed to buy it; one of those items where you look at it and you want to treat yourself by buying it. So after a lot of time saving up some money and focusing on my studies,  I bought it for myself as a graduation present. I just love the color yellow! It just reminds me of French Vanilla and a perfectly fun color especially for the Summer.

Sunglasses as you know are not even a favorite of mine, but it’s an obsession! A must have!

“I never go out during the day without sunglasses.”  Tory Burch.

Some sunglasses just give you this mysterious look as eyes can play a part of expression and emotion. I love cat eye sunglasses especially because they are a fashion statement leaving you looking feminine and classy. There are so many cat eye sunglasses these days in very many shapes and sizes to select. Sunglasses are perfect for the Summer as you travel protecting your eyes from UV rays.

Of course,  my all time favorite will always be pineapples. I just love them so much! I always wondered if pineapples are symbolic for anything so I looked it up. To my surprise, pineapples are a meaning of welcome, good cheer, human warmth,and family as they were used to welcome people when dining. So there you have it!  Now you know what a pineapple symbolizes.



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