Au naturel


Hi guys! This past couple of weeks has been filled with adventure as I have been traveling through Europe eating all the pastries I can get my hands on, meeting new people, walking all day ‘til I can’t feel my feet.

I’ve been hard core travelling these two weeks (6 countries & 11 cities) without make up as I’m spending a day in a city then then traveling overnight to the next.For those of you out there who do travel with makeup, you are troopers! I don’t know how you guys look flawless no matter what.

I visited my new home in London. It’s a small neighborhood with little historic houses where poets, writers, and even Charles De Gaul lived in at one time. There are houses with colorful doors, beautiful streets that give this warm feeling of nostalgia. There are pastry stores are all over the neighborhood and little boutiques fill the streets. I cannot wait what I’ll discover here! I’m excited to live here, meet the people in the neighborhood and explore what this place has to offer.

au naturel as they say it in  French means: in a natural state, not wearing makeup.

Love you all!SIGNATURE

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