August Favorites 


I’ve been travelling over a month and I’ve picked up some items from different places here and there.

“For me the key to personal style lies in accessories. I love objects from different worlds, different eras, combined my way.” Iris Apfel

While visiting Germany, I picked up this cologne from Colögne , Germany. Haha! Yes, I bought a cologne from Cologne…isn’t that ironic! I love the smell of this cologne. It gives off a sweet aroma that’s not too strong but more on the subtle side. The bottle just has this vintage look to it. Personally, I love buying foreign products. Seeing all the different written languages is alluring to me. I also love buying Fashion Magazines from foreign countries. These are  just some things I love about traveling. I like getting to know different cultures as well , see different places, and I love looking at the different views of fashion in every city and country I visit. It makes me just want to travel even more.

My next favorite thing is this pair of sunglasses I bought while I was in New York. If you have read my blog before, you know I fancy cat eye sunglasses.

The metal detail and the shape of glasses make it easy to go with anything and still look classy. These sunglasses effortlessly can dress up your look. My favorite thing about sunglasses is that it’s an easy way to ditch the make up and still look put together especially when you have dark circles under your eyes and are too lazy to cover it up with make up.

When spending long hours on a plane, I usually tie my hair up so I still look put together throughout the flight to avoid looking sloppy.  Lately, instead of tying my hair, I like to use these headbands. The bow just gives off this cute innocent look keeping your hair out of your face throughout the flight and keeping you looking beautiful as always.
Lastly, even though summer has come to an end, I love these shoes of course because of the pineapple design. Flats are a “go to” for me when it comes to anything with a lot of walking. They are truly an easy way to dress up your look and skip the heels from time to time.

With all the traveling I have been doing, I have taken a bunch of videos. I’m planning to open a YouTube channel so you can travel along with me. Untill next time. Bonjour!


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