Outfit of the Day 

 Hello Everyone and Happy Monday! Over the weekend, I had to take a last minute flight to head out to college. My adventure continues as there’s change of plans to study from London campus to France. Before I left California, I ventured through my neighborhood one last time. I have been in the mood for street style lately so I put on my ‘SnapBack’ and wandered through the neighborhood.

One thing I love about fashion is that there are no rules! You can wear whatever you want. Fashion I feel is a way of expressing your feelings, mood and personality. Even when it comes to working at a job, l feel you are still free to express yourself. Even if you have a dress code, you can still follow the guidelines and be able express who you are. Whether it’s your accessories or your shoes, they can become your fashion statement. If you work at an office, you can still show your style through your work clothes. Everyone is different and unique. You don’t have to wear Birkenstocks because everyone else is wearing Birkenstocks. Just be who you are and wear what’s YOU.

“Create your own style. Let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.”  Anna Wintour


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