Amber Red





Recently, I have fallen in love with the color red. It’s a perfect color to transition from fall to winter. While living in France, I have found out that Classic is the best way to go when buying clothes. As college students, I understand how hard it is to be able to afford what you want. When buying  a wardrobe piece, here’s some helpful tips for all of you:  look for simple yet elegant pieces that  can last as long as you like.  There may be lots of trends out there such as the suede skirt or glittery sequins. However, these are just trends that are happening right now. In three months, that  trend will go out of style as the new season starts. Consider at least  3 accessories to match your article of clothing you are investing in whether a scarf, a belt, a hat or a necklace, pants, or outerwear. It’s cool to express yourself in clothing as it defines you. But as in everything, be who you are as what matters really is what’s inside. There are no rules to the way you express yourself. Stay true to yourself. “Don’t be like the rest of them darling.” Coco Chanel



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