That Fall Feeling





Fall is coming to a close and December is approaching quickly. The trees are beautiful: orange, yellow, and brown with crispy leaves laying all over the place. I am looking forward to experiencing December. It is an exciting moment as the snow is starting to fall in the mountains and the temperature is dropping. The fireplace is finally burning bringing warmth in this winter day.  The crackle and the smell of firewood and the taste of hot chocolate just lingers my mind.  I’m curious to see the seasons changes here in France.

A couple weeks ago, I went hiking with my French family. I fell in love with the nature France brings. We ventured up the mountains and past the trees, hiking by cows until we could see this beautiful view of the town below us. It’s so nice to be able to go out and to have some fresh air and detach yourself from your phone. This clears up your mind and take in the true beauty the world  has just in front of you. Spend some time to detox your mind  from your phone. It’s nice to kick it back and  just be able to take notice of what’s around you.

Electronics have come so much a part of our generation that it’s the way we live to project ourselves. So be original and live life expressing yourself not trying to impress others but yourself and those who are there for you will follow.

“You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it. ” Edith Head


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