Looking back at these pictures made me feel so homesick. This has been longest time so far that I have even away from home. Just seeing these pictures of water reminds me of my home. Living less than ten minutes away from the beach, I would always be able to the see the ocean even from my house. This is definitely something I miss about living off the coast.

As filtered as these pictures may be, I am in love with the way they came out. A couple weeks back, I had a chance to visit Geneva in Switzerland. I heard how beautiful Geneva is so I thought since I had a week off that it would be a good time to visit some other place different. It was incredibly beautiful. The food was amazing! I could not stop eating! Luckily, the weather behaved when I visited Geneva giving a bright sunshine and fair weather. I have discovered that Geneva is a very International. There are so many different people speaking different languages all around me. There are quite a lot of tourists. I find the bigger the city, the more diverse and multicultural the city can be.

I often wear this type of outfits. Having basic black and white have become a favorite of mine as they can easily  be matched.These black boots of mine have become a November favorite as well. They are elegant yet casual pair with a chunky heel not too high off the ground making it still easy to walk all day.  December weather in Europe has been getting colder here. It has already dropped to 32° and I hear that it will get colder in January.  This is becoming a challenge for me to dress in this weather since I have never lived in a part of California that reaches below 40°. I still love looking stylish and and keeping myself warm nonetheless.

As the saying goes: “Fashion is a trend. Style lives within a person.” Oscar de la Renta



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