Christmas in Cali




 I hope everyone had a wonderful time over the holidays! It feels so good to be able to come back home. My journey was pretty long as I went through four different countries within twenty-four hours: France, Switzerland, United Kingdom and United States. Being able to see palm trees, the ocean in the distance, and getting my fix of Carne Asada fries hits the spot as I’ve been homesick for quite some time. Three months is the longest time I have been away. But now, I have the challenge of going back to France and staying there for more than three months. I am so grateful to be back. I have been missing all the food, family and friends.

I’m deeply reminded that: “The nature of fashion is family. You see that at almost every house, it was owned first by a family. It wasn’t owned by a bank.”  Alber Elbaz

Being rejoined with my friends and family has touched me as I hear their admiration for my blog and how it has inspired them.  This keeps me motivated in continuing my blog. A new year with a new journey begins as I will be heading back to France today. Wish me luck!



Top: Zara oversized denim shirt

Bottoms: Burgundy Jeans (Similar here)

Shoes: Ankle boots

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