January Instagram Recap


This year so far is going by way too fast! I literally feel like Christmas break was about a week ago! I cannot believe that January is already over! Sadly, I am back in France and of course missing the nice Cali weather. January has been a month of readjustment and time of rediscovery. As it is still winter season here, I had some time do some skiing in the French Alps. The mountains here are so breathtaking with the cold air and fresh soft snow that I don’t get to experience much back home.

One thing I really enjoy about living in France is their Winter Season. Even though I miss the nice sunny weather I’m used to, each Season here gives a new different meaning. For instance, summer here is sunny and not too hot. Fall on the other hand is beautiful with the change of colors of everything around you as you can see in “That Fall Feeling.” Personally, I love to walk all the time whether rain or shine. To feel and breathe the cold air is somehow soothing to me as I walk around the city absorbing, reflecting and learning new things every day. As long as I am bundled up, I really don’t mind how cold it gets. To be able to exercise in this weather is a whole other experience. I love that I don’t end up sweating since it’s so cold, yet the air burns through your lungs as you jog up the mountains here with the view of the city. Well, it’s all totally worth the effort!

How about you? How’s life been in the big city? It has been nostalgic and beautiful for me!

As the saying goes, “beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself .” Coco Channel


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