The Monthly Faves


Val D’isere

It’s that time for some monthly favorites! Adding to my collection are these pair of sunglasses and some jewelry that goes along with it. As it is now Spring, I finally get to wear some lighter jackets. Bomber jackets for example are lately trending and I really like this one with the beautiful rose color. It is a definite conversation starter and eye catcher as several people have stopped me on the streets to ask me about my bomber jacket. I love this jacket especially since most people wear neutral colors.  It’s different from what most people may be wearing. Next on my list is this beautiful little white dress that I was able to pick up last minute from Zara for the Gala event. I love how it emphasizes an hour glass look yet still leaving you looking chic and classy along with the white heels. Overall, this month has been my favorite as my favorite Season is Spring.

This semester has gone way too fast with way too many events that have happened. I have been fortunate to travel to Milan for the Fashion Week event, attended the Gala at the Uni and spent a week skiing at the French Alps at Val d’Isère. It was indeed an amazing semester of travel and getting to know more people. Sadly, this school year is about to end this month.  One thing I can tell you about traveling is that it will forever be an unforgettable experience of new things, new places, new food, different cultures and different people. I’m personally an introvert. I don’t really talk much. However, being able to travel has pushed me to do things I would never plan to do. While traveling, I have had to deal with ordering food on my own in different languages, go through customs, being responsible and aware of where I’m heading to, the time change and passing through four to five countries within a 24 hour time span.  Traveling has pushed me to try new food and attend cultural events such as the Japanese Moon Festival or eating French escargot. I had to force myself on being open to new people and new perspective in life respecting those around me with a new insight into the world. I was pushed to discover what was around me and what the world had to offer.

Realizing this, I encourage y’all to travel! You don’t have to go far to travel!  The adventure starts right in your own backyard!  Live life to the fullest!

C’est la vie as they say it in French means “This is the Life.”



Look 1


Bomber Jacket: MANGO

Pants: H&M

Shirt:H&M (similar here)

Look 2



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