Being back home had made me think of how much I took home for granted. When I was in high school, I just wanted to get out and explore the world. To this day I still do! But now that I’m back home, I realized how truly blessed I am to live where I grew up. I live on the beautiful Southern Coast of California living less than ten minutes from the beach. I have plenty of loving family more than I can count and cool friends I could never trade for the world. I live in a diverse culture where we like to be creative. The people are super chill here, awesome, unique individuals in their own way, in their art , in their personalities, in their sense of style. Our lifestyle is filled with just living life to the fullest and being happy hipsters of the century cruising through in Volkswagen vans with surf boards mounted on the roof and the gorgeous 1960’s mustangs cruising by the highway overlooking the ocean. We like spending out the Summer in the water at the pool or at the beach with bonfires, s’mores, and good company. There’s deffinetly no place like home!

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