Hello beautiful people! Summer is probably one of my favorite seasons because as you know, it’s related with travel.  I’m so excited on having to go on adventures, making memories that will last a life time. Adventures where you learn more about yourself along the way that will lead you to a different perspective of life. Summer is a time of trying new things, a time of change. Summer comes in a variety filled by friends, family, love, fun, laughter and sometimes boredom.

So far, my summer has been beautiful. The weather has been amazing. The beaches are perfect.  You get to meet the coolest people and the best part is when I meet my friends again. Just knowing that your friends will always be with you whether or not you are in same country is really comforting.

This weekend I was able to travel to Northern California. It was a great experience as I visited Hearst Castle. The mansion is beautifully made with colored tiles, Spanish and Italian architecture and interesting recycled artifacts from different parts of the world.

Recently, while I have been in California, I have started to get a taste of what working is like. My eyes have been opened to sadly how much I take things for granted. I live in a nice area in a nice sized home where I don’t even have to work. I have been hit with the taste of reality. Finding a job is hard! I know that this may be no surprise to you but, I now understand what it means that as you get older, you will face harder problems in life. “It’s a hard knock life.” as they say. You may find it hard to find a job and you may not be able to get that job you have always wanted, but there may better things in life waiting in store for you. As they say, “Patience is a Virtue.” For now, I’m learning things I need to help me in life later like discipline, humility, a desire to learn, read, write, listen to others and making the most of life. So don’t feel so bad about not getting that perfect dream job. There’s a lifetime full of possibilities. Just remember, everything happens for a reason and soon, you will find a perfect fit just for you.



H&M: White Blouse Similar here

H&M: Textured Skirt Similar here

Zara:Lace up flats

Louis Vitton: Bag

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