By the Ocean

Growing up as a kid, I always lived by the beach. It was just one of those things that’s part of my day to day life instead of pedestrian crossing or deer crossing signs to see surf crossing signs, and taking a scenic route to school where I could see surfers out in the water every day whether rain or shine no matter what season.

When I was younger, every year, we would take vacations out to Hawaii. Hawaii was just one of those “good ‘ol days”. Even though my relatives reminded me about my mom constantly working the whole time or how I had to sit and struggle through doing homework, those memories were in the back of my head. All I can remember were the fun times we had. The snorkeling in the warm clear waters, watching the waves crash on the beach, the warm tropical air, the amazing traditional foods, luaus, zip lining from one mountain to another, the amazing views of the land and sea, rope swinging into the water in the tropical Hawaiian reservations my cousins live in, and of course the pineapples.

Once, we visited Dole Pineapple Farm which takes me back to all those good memories.   Just to be able to travel with all my family and be able to just experience a new place, I was in awe of Hawaii and the many adventures Hawaii took me through. Going through the pineapple farm learning that pineapples grow on the ground. To be able to see all the different sizes and types of pineapples, being able to taste the pineapples, they are just the right amount of sweetness.  Come to think of it, Hawaii has been part of my childhood where the good memories outshine the bad with a beautiful mixture of cultures, the past, and the moments I spent with my family.

Its this memory I hold on to and look back at as I just miss being little kid again and not having to worry about all these important things, such as school, or work, and authorization procedures for driving or traveling.  I miss just having fun, and I miss the beach especially which of course makes me miss home. But this this blog is just nice way to remember my past, remembering where I came from, and enjoy the present.

So consider this blog bright and sweet like a pineapple with a sweet taste of adventure, and the taste of those West Coast vibes as I venture through a whole different place.

Now that I’m studying France, I am trying to bring my style to the way I dress, travel, and live in this new adventure. Even though water is a part of me, still being able to discover something different from living in the alps still exquisite.

As always, Love and Pineapples. Let it be a message to you as it is to me keep on loving and keep on living in the moment.


Four Pocket Jacket: DBTKMOB


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